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Bigg Boss 17 (Grand Premiere) – October 15, 2023: Salman’s Warm Welcome to the Contestants

In a grand return, Bigg Boss welcomes everyone back to the show. Bigg Boss acknowledges the accusations of bias in previous seasons and announces a new approach: open favoritism. This year, he will openly favor certain contestants as this is his area. He introduces a unique twist with three houses: one for love and emotions, another for intelligence, and a third for confidence. Bigg Boss plans to have these houses coexist and welcomes all the contestants.

The show kicks off with a high-energy performance by Salman Khan, who dances to “Bang Bang” and “Chori Chori.” Salman welcomes everyone to Bigg Boss Season 17 and acknowledges the open favoritism, suggesting a clash between his favorites and Bigg Boss’s favorites.

Mannara Chopra is the first contestant to be introduced and performs on “Samay.” Salman welcomes her and discusses her entry, emphasizing her talent rather than her famous surname. They share a lighthearted moment, reminiscing about a past ad film. Mannara chooses the “house of heart.”

The second contestant is Munawar Faruqui, introduced by Salman as Colors’ No. 2 host. Munawar talks about his selection for the show and the unique theme of “heart, brain, and confidence.” Salman challenges Munawar to do poetry, and he responds with a humorous poem. Munawar later chooses the house to live in.

Navid Sole, an “imported” contestant from the UK, is introduced. Salman pokes fun at his limited English vocabulary and gives him some English lessons. Navid interacts with the other contestants and chooses to be handcuffed to one of the female contestants until Bigg Boss releases them.

Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt, a married couple, perform a dance and join the show. They share their humorous and charming dynamic, discussing their strengths and weaknesses as contestants.

The next entrant is Anurag Dobhal, a moto vlogger, and YouTuber. Salman teases him about his chosen nickname, “Babu Bhaiya.” Anurag talks about the “bros sena” and the support he received from his followers. He asks Aishwarya and Neil to rate their looks and playfully quizzes them.

Jigna Vohra, a former crime reporter, and Sana Raees Khan, a criminal lawyer, enter the house together. Salman explains their backgrounds and challenges them to explain why they deserve to be the first house captain in a debate.

A video call with Jigna’s son, wishing her luck, is shown, and Salman humorously teases the potential for romantic complications in the house. Jigna and Sana finally enter the house, and Jigna helps Sana choose a room.

The next contestants are Soniya Bansal, Khanzaadi, and Sunny Arya (Tehelka Bhai), who share their unique backgrounds and reasons for joining the show. Sunny is handcuffed to one of the female contestants upon entering the house.

Rinku Dhawan, a TV industry veteran, and Arun Mashetty, a gamer, discuss their entry into the house and their expectations for the game.

Abhishek and Eisha, known for their roles in the serial “Udaariyan,” share their complex relationship and how they decided to stay friends after a brief romantic involvement.

Salman Khan tries to mediate their discussion and encourages them to focus on the game as they enter the Bigg Boss house.

As the show progresses, the 15 contestants begin to settle into the house, form connections, and face the challenges and dynamics within the Bigg Boss environment.

The episode concludes with Salman Khan seeing off the contestants as they embark on their journey in the Bigg Boss Season 17 house.



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